Tuk Tuk Foods at Knossington & Somerby Pre-school

Tukata from Tuk Tuk Foods recently performed a cooking demonstration to help raise money for the Knossington and Somerby Pre-school in Rutland. It turned out to be a great success, making over £450 and was enjoyed by many.

We also received this wonderful e-mail from their Secretary:

Dear Tukata,

A huge thank you for the most wonderful Thai Cooking Demonstration that you did for us last week.

The food was amazing and I have had so much feedback from people regarding that: ‘delicious’, ‘awesome’, ‘scrumptions’! However, I think the thing that captivated everyone the most was your passion for food. This, coupled with an extraordinary talent you have for making the whole process of food preparation so colourful and fun, appears to have inspired even the non cooks that came along on the night.

Thanks to your enormous generosity and kindness we were able to make over £450 for the pre-school which we will be using to buy some new equipment for the school and to replace our much needed printer.

Thank you again and see you soon

All my best wishes,

We were happy to help such a great Pre-School and look forward to supporting them with more events in the future.

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