The Mai Thai Bistro in Stamford

Since the closing of the Mai Thai Restaurant back in 2000 on Cheyne Lane in Stamford, Tukata has focusedĀ on producing her Thai sauces, thus formingĀ Tuk Tuk Foods in 2003.

Mark Lapsley (owner of the popular Green Dragon in Brigstock) had for many years shown his interest in the Tuk Tuk Foods products for his restaurant, creating a range of quality and authentic Thai dishes that wowed his customers.

As soon as an opportunity in Cheyne Lane became available, Mark quickly decided to open the new Mai Thai Bistro, using Tukata’s concept and popular Tuk Tuk Foods products.

Although under new ownership, Tukata has dedicated her time to cook occasionally with her two daughters Marianne and Sally, giving it as much of a family feel as possible (Some customers have already recognised the team from back in the 1990′s).

We are confident in Mark’s ability, look forward to working with his team and wish him the best of luck with his restaurant.


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